Driving on Manali to Leh Highway is a lifetime experience. The trip comes up with unlimited fun of driving on Highest motorable Road in the World at Khadungla Top. You drive near the magnetic Hills where you bike is pulled by the magnetic forces. Join us take on our Bike tour and see the unseen culture, natural beauty, unheard myths and unimaginable experiences. You shall find yourself close to the nature when you visit the Shanti Stupa.

The Tour starts from Delhi with an overnight journey to Manali / Srinagar. You may also join the Tour at Manali.


Rafting at The Indus River, locally known as the Singhe Khababs (out of Lion’s mouth), flows across the north west to the south east, passing through Ladakh and flows into Pakistan where it joined Shayok and Suru to become major historical Indus River.Rafting in Ladakh is quite unlike anywhere else in the world.

It provides the best opportunity to enjoy and experience the natural beauty of the spectacular landscape with deep gorges, towering snow-capped peaks, monasteries, and hillside villages. If you are a adventurer and rafter than Ladakh is a place that you should not miss. The thrill can only be experienced and cant be put in words.


Camel Trekking or Caravan with camels has been a vogue for Ladakh quest since 17th century until partition was done in the year of 1947. Camel safari tours in Leh are the best way to explore this marvel of the country. About 12,000 ft above sea level, 150 km north of Leh, lies the Nubra Valley, one of the highest deserts in the world where many are lured to experience the Camel Safari. Camel Travelling is predominantly evident in Nubra Area from Hundar up to the Diskit.

The most distinctive feature of the Bactrian camel is its two humps. Bactrian camels, along with dual humps, are basically also recognized as the 'Real Camel'. These humps, contrary to popular belief, are designed to store fat and not water. Taking a camel safari in Leh would ensure that the travelers can experience the raw rural experiences here. There are many types of camel safari that one can take but the most famous route is through the Nubra Valley via the Khardung La pass that make your Ladakh trip the most memorable experience of your life.


Riding an ATV is a great experience that can be enjoyed by the entire family. It's exciting, and it teaches respect on many levels, including for the environment, habitat and even respect for others. Learning to ride an ATV can be fun and will make you a safer ATVer.

ATV also known as Quad Biking. If you are thirsty for some more adventure then Quad biking in Nubra Valley will definitely quench your thirst. Known as the rooftop of the world, Ladakh has been attracting the adventure seekers for this one of a kind adventure activity. What could be a better adventure then exploring the highest motorable road with an ATV ride? Marvel at the sight of the natural beauty of this region with an ATV ride.


The Chadar Trek takes place on the frozen Zanskar River in the Ladakh region of Jammu & Kashmir. Chadar trek is a very exciting and adventurous experience. During winters Zanskar River changes into an ice sheet where the famous Chadar trek is performed. Zanskar river is one of the mightiest rivers in Ladakh, and its large sections freeze over in the extreme winters and are covered by a thick blanket of ice. This frozen blanket or ‘Chadar’ is the only way in and out for the people of Zanskar in Winter months, when the road and various other caravan routes out of bounds due to heavy snowfall. During the summer months, thousands of tourists visit the Sangam Point – which is the confluence of Indus and Zanskar rivers, where the two colours of the merging rivers are clearly visible. Chadar trek attracts both domestic and international tourists alike.

It is one of the most exciting and challenging treks where one covers the distance of approximately 105 km on foot, covering an average distance of 15–17 km each day. The landscape acquires a pristine grandeur in winter as the trail enters into the gorge of the Zanskar, where temperatures sometimes drop to –30 to – 35 Degree Celsius.


Ladakh is like a paradise for Mountain bikers. Mountain biking in Ladakh is one such adventurous activity that pulls in global thrill-seekers. Cycling in Ladakh takes you through to the moonland like plateaus of Ladakh there sometimes you might have a chance to race with the Kyangs (Wild Ass), or there is always an opportunity to bike along the Zanskar & Indus River exploring the cultures, lifestyles and the ancient Buddhist monasteries.

Adventure activities in the Ladakh region have been an outstanding award to the tourism in Ladakh. Over the years, mountain biking in the Ladakh region has won the heart and pedal of several travellers. It is the best way to discover the Harley Davidson in you. Wheeling up the windy and narrow tracks that begins from Manali in Himachal Pradesh and ends up at Leh in the Ladakh region is one of the challenging and demanding mountain biking expeditions in the Ladakh region.

There is no better way to get a feel of the local culture of a place than by actually biking through it, and stopping at the villages and towns to get a closer look at the town and village way of life. Mountain biking in the Himalayas is one of the most adventure filled and novel ways of combining travel with experiencing the local flavor and culture of a place.

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